Tips to Design a Beautiful Wedding Bouquet with Fake Flowers

A wedding bouquet adds to the beauty and charisma of the bride. However, you may find yourself struggling to keep the wedding bouquet of real flowers fresh. Moreover, you or your partner may be allergic to the natural flowers. An idea that stands out in such situations is to design the bouquet using fake flowers for weddings. You don’t need to keep them fresh and you can even use the seasonal flowers of your choice.

First of all, you must arrange for things you need to prepare a bouquet with fake flowers. Visit a craft store or an artificial flower store that supplies fake flowers for weddings. You can choose primary and secondary flowers, along with fillers and leaves from these stores. Before that, you must decide whether your bouquet would have all flowers of same kind or of different varieties. Other things you require are the florist tape or wires, ribbons, fabric and a scissor.

If you are using all flowers of same kind, it is simple to design the wedding bouquet. In case you want the bouquet with mixed flowers, you must start by assembling fillers and then adding the secondary flowers, followed by the primary flowers. You have to ensure that all primary flowers are at the same level. Also, the fillers must not overwhelm the primary flowers.

Once you assemble flowers and leaves in the form of a bouquet, you must tie them with the tape or wire. Take care to use enough tape or wire so that the bouquet doesn’t have a loose look. Use ribbon and fabrics to give final touch to the bouquet. You may also wish to add perfume to the bouquet, but be careful to choose the fragrance carefully.

A store supplying fake flowers for weddings can help you have an idea of different bouquet styles. It is important to choose the flowers in bright colors that enhance your beauty. A wedding bouquet prepared this way is no less than an adorning item for the bride.

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