A Discussion about Wedding Aisle Runners

A wedding aisle runner is a medium to long sized cloth strip used in weddings as a decoration on the stairs and aisles. Its primary function is to protect dresses (especially long dresses which may touch the ground) from dirt. Apart from cloths, plastic and a combination of plastic is what wedding aisle runners can be made up from. Plastic ones have more durability.

General places where aisle runners are used include:

  • Aisles between seats
  • Steps at the wedding hall
  • These are often used in shrines

People have even used these in outdoor locations.

Deepening upon the requirements, usage of wedding aisle runners can be customized. During weddings, people are either concentrating on the couple or the rituals, so there is always a possibility that to and fro movements can dirty the dresses of the concerned people. They may not even know until someone points its out. Well, such occasions can be easily avoided by using a long wedding aisle runner. In outdoor locations, dirt can be avoided on peoples’ shoes due to these runners.

Red colored wedding aisle runners are a hit during weddings as there is a general feeling that the color red stands for love. Ivory colored wedding aisle runners are also popular.

There is no need to purchase one, as it can be rented easily. You can talk with your wedding planner about this. One thing to be noted is that wedding aisle runners can get damaged, hence some renters ask for a security deposit before renting. It is advised to check the wedding runner aisle before you rent it.

Lastly, you can use your imagination while utilizing aisle runners and also while getting it made, just in case you are buying a wedding aisle runner.

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