Becoming a Wedding Emcee – Not a Big Deal!

I was asked to be the emcee by a close friend, and I couldn’t say no. But, as the big day was approaching, I was getting nerves. I was skeptical, if I would be able to handle such big event. I started searching for books in book stores and over the net. I even tried few inexpensive books. But, of no avail! They all were just stratagems. I saw nightmares of getting embarrassed in front of a large gathering, until I discovered the e-book “You can be a Wedding MC”. The book is such a virtuoso that becoming a wedding emcee is not a big deal for anyone.

“You can be a Wedding MC” – by Pete Miller – is a well researched book that reveals secrets of becoming a famous wedding emcee in a short time period. An astonishing fact is that the author of the book owns an agency supplying professional emcees. He took the inputs from these professionals with more than 10 years of experience and created incredible tips and techniques, which he has revealed in this book. The book presents workable techniques that have helped so many others including me. The compliments I received after the wedding I became the emcee for, were flattering.

If I boil down the details of the book, then I would say that the book covers everything an emcee requires to know. It prepares you well for everything. The author walks you through the book just as professional event planner coordinates every thing – from the need to talk with couple over the evening’s agenda to guest list, to introducing the brides relatives to groom’s, to the tricks to make people laugh, thereby making the party a lively one. In the first few sections, the author has presented a sample run sheet for the wedding day. He discusses some essential questions that should be asked from the bride and the groom before the reception. This would help you to do a flawless job. Next, he talks about how to introduce the bridal party into the venue to make everyone comfortable. He has bestowed amazing tricks to smoothly link each part of the wedding together. The author has given a compendium of short, quick and witty jokes to make the guests laugh and enjoy. I used few and guess what? I got amazing response from people. This not only helped me make the ambience lively, but boosted my confidence so much that till date I have been an emcee for more than 50 weddings. Sounds great, right! You can do the same. All you have to do is to go through the book once.

In the later sections of the book, the author has also given good examples of how to explain garter toss, cake-cutting bouquet throw, and so on. Becoming an emcee is a job that calls big responsibility. You should be very clear about what to do and what not to do. The author has taken good care that you don’t do such mistakes. Read the book once, which would take you less than 90 minutes, and become a renowned emcee. I would recommend this book to everyone who is to become an emcee either at a friend’s wedding or a professional!

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