Combining Creativity and Wedding Table Décor

A nicely decorated wedding table is like an icing on the cake during a person’s wedding. Wedding hall and wedding table decoration ideas don’t come so easily; wedding planners and decorators experiment a lot taking into consideration suggestions, themes and even movie scenes.

A wedding table has to accommodate space effectively for food and drinks. Many a times, guests leave after the food treat (which takes place on a wedding table), so the impression they carry of a wedding is often associated with how beautiful and effective the wedding table was.

Being beautiful and being expensive can be 2 different things so it is a myth exclusively supported by the ‘big fat wedding concept’ that the wedding table décor should showcase the amount spent on it. The most important aspect about wedding table decoration ideas is that the idea should manage to display the couple’s persona and taste.

Some themes camouflaging as wedding table decoration ideas are discussed as follows:

Country Theme
Bamboo chairs along with a natural style of affairs gives a rustic feeling. Combine it with flowers (or floral sheets) for a pleasant decoration. Adding a vase with flowers on these tables also works well.

Romantic Theme
This can be customized as per your requirements. The table is incorporated into a particular theme influenced by a pattern of colors. Red and gold along white and gold patterns are very popular. A floral Victorian themed centerpiece creates that special vintage aura.

Floral Theme
Using a single color as a theme blends everything into one. Floral themes work best alone or in combination with other themes as well. Flowing white color on tables, chairs along with napkins gives a fresh feeling.

All in all, every wedding is distinct with another, so try combining different themes, ideas and blending with respect to wedding tables on that special day.

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