Ice Sculptures for the Once in a Lifetime Moment – your Wedding

A wedding and a birthday, both spread happiness but the importance of both the events is dissimilar. Birthdays are a once in a year event while weddings are a once in a lifetime event, so using candle ceremonies, program papers, wedding favors and ice sculptures makes it worthwhile. Using ice sculptures of weddings is more popular in the United States and Europe as compared to weddings taking place in the rest of world.

Ice sculptures symbolize effort, class and creativity. Whatever add-ons you choose, using ice sculptures for weddings is sure to attract a lot of attraction.

Ice sculptures have a limited lifespan and its usage depends on this factor. Some other important factors in utilizing ice sculptures for weddings are discussed below.

  • These are available in many shapes and sizes, but what you choose should go well with the theme. Ice sculptures symbolizing something related to the marriage can be used. Romantic ice sculptures are popular apart from crystalline dove sculptures and heart shaped sculptures.
  • Make sure the sculpture is handled and placed at the desired place by professionals. Talk to the maker for this part.
  • There is a procedure of using ice sculptures in terms for preserving its lifespan. Make sure you or the wedding planner understands everything about maintaining it.
  • Try going with someone who is experienced in making ice sculptures as this is an art which is not yet fully explored.
  • Some other great ideas of using ice sculptures for weddings include replicating the wedding cake, names or initials of the couple and even making fairies.

Lastly, creative usage of ice sculptures is fine, but make sure the centre of attraction should be the couple and not the sculpture.

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