Planning in Terms of Last Minute Weddings

Weddings are more or less similar to love, both being very unpredictable. A famous saying about love which if modified to suit weddings goes like this, ‘until a wedding happens, you just cannot say who you will end up getting married to.’ A wedding is such a quick happening at times. Also, last minute weddings are not so rare that you have heard this concept for the first time. Such weddings happen and have yielded in success as well.

Hearts don’t understand the clock. So when you find someone, you just want to make it happen today, now, right now. Sometimes you don’t even get a week to plan, at times not even a couple of days. Still, if both the parties are so much in love that they want to get married quickly, it isn’t a hassle, provided planning is done taking into consideration all the important aspects.

Some helpful tips and ideas for organizing last minute weddings as discussed as follows:

  • First talk with your would-be and settle your budget issues.
  • Decide the location first, inform the authorities and take permissions if necessary. Also this depends on the availability, so be fast.
  • You could make a nice PowerPoint presentation (as a wedding card) and email it to everyone. Call important people so that this doesn’t come as a shock or a joke to them.
  • Take help!! Don’t hesitate to take help from friends and relatives.
  • Choose a dress, ring and other accessories right away.
  • Order flowers, cake and have a friend double up as a wedding photographer.
  • There are wedding planners available for last minute weddings as well. Just check if you can accommodate this in your budget and remember the golden rule – don’t try to please everyone.

It is an important event, so relax and go with the flow. Always remember that whatever you manage with love makes up for many great things missing in your life.

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