Understanding the Candle Lighting Ceremony during Weddings

There are certain customs without which the ceremony cannot complete, while there are many other customs which are complimentary. One such concept includes the utilization of unity candles for weddings. Actually using unity candles for weddings is a part of the candle ceremony, others being memorial candle lighting and recognition candle lighting.

Coming to the unity candle lighting ceremony, it symbolizes the unison of two families into one big unified family.

The Ceremony
Mother of the bride starts the ceremony by lighting a candle and later the mother of the groom lights another candle. Now the groom along with the bride lights a single unity candle using their individual candles. The ceremony of using unity candles for weddings is gaining popularity as it forms a pure bond of trust between the 2 families, where the groom and the bride form a link. Unity candle lighting ceremony stands for respect, trust, unity, understanding and solidarity between the 2 families.

It is a simple addition to the marriage ceremony and it doesn’t take much time as well. Marriage is actually a process where a couple and their families come together. Unity candle lighting ceremony forms a great way of breaking the ice. The origin of this ceremony is debated but one thing is true; it works towards uniting families as happiness and trust form a bridge.

A bigger candle should be used for the ceremony, but there is no hard and fast rule for that. Plain candles are preferred as they symbolize purity, but using fancy candles is also seen during theme based weddings. Also, make sure both the parties are explained the details and the significance of the ceremony well in advance.

Lastly, mentioning the candle ceremony in the wedding program paper is an individual’s choice.

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