A Few Nifty Tips on Bridal Shower

Bridal shower involves a lot of planning and coordination. However it does not mean that it is going to be hectic. Just sit together and share the responsibilities to make sure that everything from guests, invitations, food and favors is taken care of.

Budget: Stick to the budget and do not plan anything that you cannot afford.

Location: Bridal shower locations should be chosen by considering the likes of the bride. If she likes to have some casual fun in the company of her friends and family, the bridal shower can be planned at someone's home.

Time: The bridal shower should be held at a time that is best suited for the bride and her guests. A weekend brunch or luncheon party would be a great option.

Guest list: Make sure to have the guest list in place well in advance so that you get enough time to make the necessary arrangements. The bridal shower should ideally be held near the bride’s place. However if there are many guests coming from various places, it is better to choose any location that is easily accessible for everyone.

Invitation: The bridal shower invitations should be sent to everyone in the guest list. You can use online programs like Microsoft Publisher to make invitations, or can even email the bridal shower invitations.

Gift Ideas: Include the gift ideas in the invitation so that the guest can buy gifts accordingly. The gift list could include the bride's registry, or lists of silly gifts that the bride may enjoy.

Food: No party can be complete without good food. Plan a menu that everybody enjoys including the bride and the groom and the guests.

With proper planning bridal shower would turn out to be an enjoyable affair for not only the bride but also for everyone in the party.

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