Create Your Own Wedding Invitations and Save Money

Once your wedding date is fixed, one of the main preparations is to invite the people you wish to attend the biggest occasion of your life. You may think of getting the wedding invitations designed from a professional company by paying a fat amount of money. A better alternative is to use your own creativity and save money by designing wedding invitations yourself at home. The free wedding invitation samples on the web can help you in this direction.

All you need to design professional wedding invitation at home is a computer, an internet connection, Microsoft Word software, printing paper, envelopes and a printer. Make sure that the version of Word you install in either 2007 or higher. Start by choosing the right document size by considering the size of invitation you wish to have. The next step is to prepare the wording for your invitation. You can take help from internet or a friend and you must keep wedding invitation etiquette in your mind.

You can try different font sizes, font styles and font colors to create a professionally looking wedding invitation. Pre-installed invitation samples or free wedding invitation samples online can be explored to make the right choice. Once you type the wordings, the next task is to decorate the invitation with graphics and borders. MS Word has pre-installed graphics, clip arts, borders and other tools that can assist you to adorn the invitation.

Good quality paper for wedding invitation can be easily obtained from a nearby stationery store. You must choose the envelopes in the right size so that the invitations easily slip in them. Finally, you need to set the right printer settings, choosing paper size, invitation quantity and high print quality. It is a good idea to print a sample on a scrap paper at first to get the idea of the end result.

You must spend good time searching for free wedding invitation samples and choose the one that appeals you the most. Rest can be taken care of by the procedure you have just learnt. It is indeed exciting to send self-prepared wedding invitations to your beloved guests.

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