Making a Wedding Dress That Can Be Passed Down the Generations

A wedding dress is no longer an exquisite dress worn on a special day; it has become part of family tradition and culture and a precious heirloom that would be passed down the generations.

  • You should have a well plotted plan to preserve the wedding gown well before the wedding day. Though it is worn only for a brief period, chances are that sweat stains and those from food and drinks would leave permanent stains on the gown. So it should be sent for cleaning to an expert who specializes in this. There should be someone responsible to handle all these tasks in the absence of the bride and groom who would have left for their honeymoon!
  • Once it is cleaned, it should be stored properly. Contact a specialist in bridal-gown preservation who would help you to slow down its aging process by using acid-free tissue paper and boxes. It should be kept in the living area of the bride’s home and not in any attic, garage or drawer.
  • The wedding gown could be preserved to be worn by your daughter. Some people also alter these gowns to make children's christening and communion gowns while others use it to make quilts and furnishings.
  • Pack the gown with a memoir of the bride from the wedding day, including any specific instructions that she might have while making this asset a heirloom.
  • You should also include information about the possible heirs who would inherit the gown or other legal documents that make sure that the gown remains in your family even after your life time

Wedding gown holds a very special place in every bride’s heart and by making it an heirloom; you would be sharing the bonds of love with the younger generations of your family!

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