Customized Beach Themed Wedding Favors

Beach themed wedding favors are on the rise due to a number of celebrities using this theme for marriages and other ceremonies. Apart from marriages, even parties with beach themes are popular. Unlike the western theme, beach theme has a very laidback display. Also, beach style weddings are quite costly as compared to other simple style weddings. Beach themed wedding favors are small gifts given at these weddings.

Beach style weddings held at Hawaii and other popular coastal places attract a huge amount of crowd. Such is the popularity of a beach style wedding, that many a times; more people turn up than what is expected.

Some good tips which would help you in organizing a beach theme wedding are discussed as follows:

  • Scroll the market for articles (sea shells, beach sand and other miniature items) related to beach themed wedding favors. Make use of original beach articles rather than replicated plastic items.
  • Look for companies over the internet or talk to your wedding planner or decorator.
  • Customized usage of candle holders is popular and you can put some real beach sand in it.
  • Giving some black and white photographs of the couple will also work.
  • Take ideas from film sequences depicting beach weddings. While replicating, give some time to your wedding planner and take his suggestions.
  • Pack small beach shell shaped boxes (with appreciation notes inside) with shiny gift covers and distribute these items to your guests.
  • Real flowers and flowery designs on clothes make for a grand beach wedding along with wines and champagnes. Beach themed wedding favors are not color based but using a specific color like purple or maroon is quite popular. This depends on person to person actually.

All in all, using beach as a theme for wedding can incorporate many ideas so there is a huge scope towards creativity.

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