What is a Wedding Program Paper?

Before discussing the pros and cons, we need to understand the concept. Wedding program paper is nothing but a list displaying the order of service, wedding participants (it can include their introduction). The paper even thanks the guests for celebrating the day with the couple. It is a point list for planning on a broader sense.

Things which need to be included in the paper are as follows.

  • Full name of bride and the groom
  • A small introduction
  • Date, time, place,
  • A small introduction
  • Order of ceremony
  • Performers’ names (singers, musicians, readers)

You can also mention the introduction (or just the names) of the wedding party.

Some easy tips to make a good wedding program paper are discussed below:

  • Check out various combinations of design. Select a design with respect to the theme and make sure it highlights the order effectively.
  • If you are going with a particular color or a combination for your wedding, try implementing the same color combination in the wedding program paper as well.
  • Choosing a font differs person to person. Comic sans font is quite popular though.
  • Showing your gratitude to friends, family, bands, performers, other participants and reception helpers is a good idea.
  • As a sign of respect, add a small ‘recognition’ towards immediate family members or friends who have either passed away recently or are absent due to some unavoidable reasons.
  • As mentioned earlier, end the wedding program paper with a heartfelt appreciation for the guests. A bold font while thanking the guests makes people feel special. Always remember that wedding is not only about the people who are getting married, but it is a celebration which involves everyone’s involvement.
  • Handwritten program papers look special. You can write once and photocopy the original into many copies.

Lastly, make sure your design or theme for the paper is not overdone.

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