Evening Wedding Dress Styles

Evening weddings are formal unlike day time weddings, which are casual fun and laughs. Most of the evening weddings will have dress code and the invitations will specify the type of dress that the invitees should wear.

  • An evening wedding is the best occasion to show off your formal wardrobe, where you can dress up in your formal finery that cannot be worn everywhere, every time.
  • The dress code would largely depend on how formal the venue
  • If you do not have a pair of suitable formal to go with the occasion, you can even rent the tux.
  • A formal gown with black tie would be an ideal choice for men whereas the ladies can opt for simple and subtle accents and complementary shades, A stylish velvet dress or a shimmering skirt with matching top would be a good idea to steal the limelight.
  • Men can opt for a dark suit and tie or a cummerbund and tie that matches with his partner’s dress. Knee length cocktail dresses are great choices for women
  • Choose the shoes that care as you will be spending a lot of time dancing and socializing; so make sure that your shoes are comfortable. Women should have full length stockings

You can afford to dress up in flashy costumes and make up for evening weddings. However make sure that these are done tastefully so that you do not feel out of place.

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