Putting on the Tiara along a Wedding Veil

Wedding veils and tiaras make a wedding look like a scene from a romantic English novel. Weddings are not only about feeling good, but looking good as well. Actually looking good and feeling good are deeply connected.

So many things are going through a person’s mind, that he or she is bound to be confused and make a wrong move in the end; more so if it is your own wedding. The wedding veil is a traditional accessory which combines customs and beliefs. Pairing it with a tiara gives the combination a decorative feel.

There are 2 general ways of using wedding veils and tiaras

  • Pieces can be sewn together to provide better handling.
  • Both worn separately wherein you can remove the veil and still keep the tiara on.

You can try both ways and check for convenience, because that is what will calm your nerves during the ceremony. There are many different ways of combining wedding veils and tiaras effectively.

Some tips which would help during the pairing are discussed below:

  • Pull back the layers of veil (like a tail).
  • The tiara could sit up against the front side of the veil at the head’s crown.
  • There shouldn’t be any space between tiara and the veil. You can bend the tiara’s band if needed.
  • If you feel that the tiara is loose, try securing it with some hair pins but make sure it isn’t too tight or else you will become uncomfortable or it may induce headaches.
  • You can use tiny bobby pins to make sure that the tiara’s comb is secured properly at the back and the bottom of your head.

Lastly, taking help from friends and other people will always help. Once you dress up, check if you feel comfortable for some time and change the positioning as per your convenience.

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