Best Wedding Planner – You can be the One!

Do your wedding expenses keep bothering you? Are you postponing your wedding, just to save some more money to have a wedding of your dream? Don’t worry, Eric Yoon, has drafted a fool proof solution for this. She has unveiled her secrets of planning a wedding, such that you can save almost 80% and still have your dream luxurious wedding. So, if you are looking for the best wedding planner – you can be the one!

"Amazing Wedding Planning” is an incredible work by Eric Yoon that helps you plan your wedding and save a lot of money. What is more astounding is that the author has applied these tips in her own wedding and saved over $10,000. Her friends used the same and enjoyed the savings. Even you can benefit from magic tips she has revealed in her book. This book presents workable solutions that people have actually applied in their lives to get a remarkable result.

"Amazing Wedding Planning” guides you to plan your wedding in a way that gives you the feel of magnificent wedding. And you can do it on your own. No need to hire a professional wedding planner and waste thousands of bucks. If I boil down to the details of the book, then I would say that the book is well organized and jam-packed with incredible money saving ideas. It gives the complete step-by-step process of a wedding planning process. The initial sections of the book provide 10 steps, following which you get everything in place, quickly and easily. In this section, the author has touch based upon every important topic, such as, dates that you should not pick up for your wedding, renting a first-class reception hall at low prices, choosing an inexpensive resplendent wedding theme, and so much more. The later sections cover everything that is required to make your wedding an unforgettable one. These sections foreground tricks that would assist you in:

  • Buying a brand new wedding dress without any stress thereby saving your time and money

  • Saving money spent on alcohol, food and beverages, caterers, headpiece, tiara, wedding reception, photographers, bridesmaids dress, wedding band, transportation, and wedding cake

  • Booking the right florist, selecting the wholesalers in this field, and enhancing the look of flowers and bouquets

  • Making Saturday as the cheapest day for wedding despite the myth that goes against

  • Selecting, customizing and creating stunning invitations; websites where you can do the same at affordable prices

  • And so many more tips to avoid common mistakes and vendors while purchasing dress, booking of vendors and so on.

The book has much more into it than just the above pointers. It tracks your budget by calculating how much you have spent and saved item wise and category wise. It helps you lay the seats charts. It also gives you a complete to do list so that you don’t forget even the minute detail and spill over the deadline. It provides system for tracking RSVPs received, tracking every event, the vendors, gifts and so on. And last but not the least it helps you plan your honeymoon too. What more can you ask for? So don’t put off and go ahead making your wedding the most happening yet inexpensive one. Buy “Amazing Wedding Planning” today!

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