Use Italian Wedding Favors for Making the Wedding Day Special

Vintage theme based weddings have a special importance for geographical locations and civilizations. Roman (Rome, Italy) civilization has been carry-forwarded by the Italian way of life. After thumping its popularity in food and other things, the Italian way has entered the wedding scene. Italian theme incorporates Italian wedding favors.

Even if you or your spouse is not Italian, accommodating Italian wedding favors is a unique idea. It falls under the category of personalization of wedding favors. Italian wedding favors have that Italian flair which makes people feel special. Actually, people will feel that you have invested a lot of time and imagination while choosing wedding favors. 3 personalized Italian wedding favors are discussed as follows.

Wine Bottles
Gifting a wine bottle is like giving a packet full of memories. People have a liking for wines so they will cherish such wedding favors for a long time. Also, these are some of wedding favors which go well with both the genders.
Women would love elegant Italian wine bottles presented to them. Shop for some good Italian wine brands and try incorporating multiple brands so that everyone feels special. You can personalize the wine bottle by writing the couples’ name on it.

Personalized Espresso Cups
Italy and espresso go hand in hand. Try personalizing wedding favors by adding the couples’ name on Italian espresso cups. You can even mention the date of the wedding. Most people love espresso and Italian espresso is even more special.

Vinegar and Oil
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar are very common in Italy. Mini bottles of these elements will make as excellent wedding favors. These types of wedding favors look unique as well.

Lastly, add ribbons and colorful paper to your wedding favors to make them look special and attractive.

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