Wedding Hall Decoration Ideas

Wedding halls are to marriage what theatres are to plays; hence a great wedding includes excellent wedding hall decorations. Flowers, lighting, paintings and other customizations are the flavor of the season, but how about trying something out of the box so that your memories remain as popular as they were on the D day.

Some tips for wedding hall decorations are discussed below:

  • Make sure the hall doesn’t look routine. If you are a wedding planner (or a contractor), make sure you experiment often and combine ideas.
  • First things first- the hall should be clean and should smell of fragrance. Cheap bottled fragrances should be avoided.
  • Anticipation of the events which would take place always helps in decorations.
  • Adjust the table, chair and other equipment in such a way that enough space is reserved for enacting marriage related customs. People need space for photographs as well. Chairs should be placed such that guests have a clear view of the couple.
  • Usage of flowers is recommended as they emit fragrance and provide a spiritual theme to the wedding.
  • Clean plain colored tablecloths are preferred over multi-colored tablecloths.
  • If you are a planner, take an honest feedback about the decoration from the concerned people.
  • Too much is not a sign of wealth but it shows confusions and conflicts. Try not to over-do the decorations as this messes the arrangements. Also overdoing something will shift the focus from the couple to the decorations.

Lastly, if you want to replicate something which you have seen in a particular movie, please talk to your decorator in detail and explain all your points. The mantra is simple for wedding hall decorations – if you know what you want; you have a better chance that you will get it.

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